iBET Cashback 0.75% Live Casino add 0.1%

iBET Cashback 0.75% Live Casino add 0.1%

Thank you for your support ! The iBET Cashback 0.75% Live Casino add 0.1% has ended.

Please keep in tune of iBET for more bonus !

Celebrate Happy New Year in iBET Online Casino Live Casino! iBET Online Casino Games Add 0.1 % on live casino daily cash rebate at CNY .

Register iBET or Login iBET to celebrated the New Year game and get your bonus.

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iBET Cashback 0.75% Live Casino add 0.1%

iBET Cashback 0.75% Live Casino add 0.1% Time:

This promotion starts on 18-01- 2017 00:00:00 (GMT +8) until 28-02- 2017 23:59:59 (GMT +8)

iBET Cashback 0.75% Live Casino add 0.1% Conditions:

  1. Applies to all members who have played in iBET only.
  2. Rebate bonus will be cover the total rolling calculated for the played day and the rebate will be given out before 20:00 (GMT + 8) on the next day.
  3. Available to all members betting on iBET Online Casino Games Live Casinos. this bonus is given out systematically and members do not need to submit any application forms to enjoy this Online Casino Promotion.
  4. Rebate calculation Example:
    Rebate bonus effective amount x ( 0.75% + 0.1% )
    The total effective betting at iBET Online Casino Games Casinos on today amounted up to 100,000
    The rebate bonus for tomorrow = 100,000 x ( 0.75% + additional 0.1% )  = RM 850
  5. This offer has no maximum payout limit and withdrawals can be requested immediately.
  6. Texas/ Casino Hold’em Bonus, Blackjack, Sportsbook, Slots and RNG games are not applicable to this promotion.

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